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Collaborative Law is a name given to an attitude toward resolving legal disputes and the policies and practices that put that attitude into action.  You won't find 'collaborative law' in the statutes or administrative regulations of your state,  you will find it in the professionalism and integrity of those who practice collaborative law. 

An attitude is a predisposition on how to see things.  The basic attitude marking collaborative law is of solving the problem, not fighting the fight. 

People tend to find things where they look for them.  Some people look upon the civil justice system as where to go to fight.  They will find the fight they are looking for.  Some people look upon the civil justice system as a place to resolve a dispute they have with another.  Collaborative law is what they are looking for. 

Many ethical and professional lawyers are troubled by the trend, especially in family law practice, of fighting over everything, depleting the client's resources, adding to the hard feelings and going nowhere fast.  These lawyers would like to use their skills to make their client's lives better by solving the problem at hand-- not by giving in, but also not prolonging the fight.  These lawyers have a collaborative law attitude